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Prominent changes have taken place in the landscape of the Chinese church under the continuation of the "Zero-Covid" policy and the escalating restrictions on religion management. The Post-COVID-19 Era has speeded up the church's shift to "small groups, families, and digitalization" based on the accounts of several house church pastors in the past months. As the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services came into effect in March, some official churches have obtained the certificate through examination and application, while some Christian websites have been closed permanently. Seeming harsh conditions to church growth, these challenges may inspire the church's vitality and play a positive role in deepening its internal construction.

You can also read trending news as well as articles about missionaries' stories, the harm of a cult to a village, and a case study of small group leaders.

Post-COVID-19 Era Speeds up Chinese Churches' Shift to Small Groups, Families, Digitalization
'Group-Based, Family-Based, Digitalization': Three Trends of Chinese Churches Intensified in Post-COVID-19 Era

Interview: The Transition from Traditional Church to Small Groups

After graduating from a seminary in Taiwan, Brother L returned to Baiyuwan Church, a rural church in his hometown in the Zhejiang Province, to serve in January 2021. He recalled how he led the rural church into a group pastoral church for a year. 

Dialogue: Five Challenges Faced by Church in the Post-Pandemic Era

Brother W, a Christian scholar in South China, says that extreme speeches, secularization, church internal struggling, prosperity theology, and the generation gap between the older generation of pastors and young believers are the challenges that the church needs to face today.

Guangzhou Church Launches Online Interview Themed on Family, Parenting

Guangzhou Guangxiao Church held an online interview named “I Love My Family” which focused on family and parenting. 

Shanxi Church Preaches Online Sermon on Ascension Day

On Ascension Day, the Christian Church in Yaodu District, Linfen, Shanxi held a worship service with a sermon on a special topic.
In the News

Jiangsu Church Reopens, Holding 100-Person Daily Service

Four churches in southeast China issued notices of resumptions of in-person services recently, with one church in Jiangsu hosting gatherings of up to 100 people every day during the last week in May.

Shanxi Cancels Local Churches' Donations to Administration to Ease Their Financial Stress

To ease the financial pressure on grassroots churches, Shanxi CC&TSPM intended not to require the special donations made by local churches.

Well-Known Christian Website Closes Permanently After 21-Year Service

Christian website Jona Home closed down permanently in April after serving for 21 years, as regulation tightens concerning internet religious content.

Zhejiang Church Obtains Internet Religious Information Service License

New Grace Church in Yiwu, Zhejiang, obtained the license for Internet religious information service, making it the first church to obtain the license in the province.

Pastor in East China Says Christians Should Pray 'May Your Kingdom Come'

As the COVID-19 pandemic is surging across China, a pastor in East China urged Christians to cry out, "God, may your kingdom come."

A Brother's Letter From Shanghai Under Pandemic

The brother's community has been in lockdown for a month, but there is no shortage of daily food. Besides cooking, he tried his best to reach neighbors with love and deeds. 

Interview with American Missionary Living for More Than 15 Years in China: ‘We Have to Keep a Kingdom Mindset’

American missionary and teacher Eric shared his path of knowing God, the story behind his vision for China, and his more than 15 years of teaching, working, and serving in China, led by the Lord.

Tens of Thousands of Believers in Yunnan Once Captives of 'Almighty God' Cult

A case of the believers who were once captives of the "Almighty God" cult presents the harm of heresies and cults to the orthodox church. 

Chinese Female Missionary’s Practice on “a Kernel of Wheat” Overseas

Recently, a Chinese female missionary gave a testimony about her overseas mission in an online sharing meeting, which touched the heart of many Christians in China.  

Case Study: Small Group Leaders' Requirements Under Church Lockdown

A group leader who has studied theology and is spiritually mature can help the lay believers break through the bottleneck in faith; otherwise, they may cause others to stumble.
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