Sunday, December 3rd, 2023
Article by:Xiaoyan

Preaching the Gospel, Now or Never

Through the stories heard and the younger brother's experience, the author addresses the importance of seizing the moment when preaching the gospel.

Feasibility of Online Dating for Christian Believers

Before we consider whether we should seek the right ones for marriage through the Internet, we must ask God's guidance through prayer and know the pros and cons of this method. Although we do not know whether God will let us meet the right ones through the Internet or in real life, it is indispensable for us to have good faith and rely on God while acting.

From Salesperson to Preacher: The Workplace as a Mission Field

Sister Yang, a full-time preacher who participated in the workplace preaching group in the church, shared her work experience and mentioned her views on workplace preaching, as well as examples of how to deal with workplace hidden rules and relationships with colleagues.
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