Story of a Christian Woman in Fujian Who Donates for Henan Flooding

Three little crosses.
Three little crosses. (photo:
By Lin MuliAugust 6th, 2021

An anonymous Christian woman in Fuzhou, Fujian prayed and donated for the floods in Henan Province.

She, unwilling to give her real name, used to be a retired corporate worker with a low salary who now serves in a church in Fuzhou after retiring from her position. At the end of July, when heavy rains devastated Henan, she prayed daily for the safety of Henan, donating 3,000 yuan to the disaster-stricken churches in Henan through the Social Service Department of China Christian Council.

In 2018, when she heard that a preacher at a church in Minnan, Fujian, was earning just over 300 yuan a month, she sent 500 yuan a month to support the rural preacher.

The following year, she learned from Gospel Times, a Christian Christian newspaper, that three rural churches in one county had no church building. She gave a tenth of her monthly salary to these rural churches. Today, two rural churches have been completed. She still prays for the ability to support another rural church under construction until it is completed. 

When the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan began in early 2020, she heard that many brothers and sisters in the Wuhan church were short of masks and other protective items, so she donated 6,000 yuan to the church in Wuhan.

She said, "I would like to raise my daughter to be a caring person, and I hope she can do the same ten percent dedication when I am alive..."

Moved by her mother's kindness, her family joined together to give donations to the church in Wuhan.

- Translated by Wylie Sun 

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