Tuesday, December 07, 2021


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An empty church. An empty church.

[Opinion] It's Time to Change Our Concept of Church Gathering, Seeks Changes Against Temple-Centralism

Nowadays, the traditional Christian church, with its worship mode and group identity, still continues the temple centralism, only replacing the temple with a church building. Returning to Jesus’ teaching, Jesus did not limit the connection between Christians to a church. The model initiated by Jesus is the model of the free union of Christians, which is unlimited in number and gender.
A person types a keyboard. A person types a keyboard.

When Christian Self-Media Gradually Disappears in China

A Christian self-media person talks about the impact of the gradual disappearance of we-media: Christians' devotion habituals will change, believers in need will be left unattended to, and the spread of the gospel will be affected.
Beimen Church in Zhangzhou, Fujian Beimen Church in Zhangzhou, Fujian

Opinion: Chinese Church Ministries Should Shift from Quantity to Quality

In a new historical period of deep development, the Chinese church should shift from emphasizing the growth of quantity to stressing the improvement of quality.
A cross  on the Bible. A cross on the Bible.

"Tradition, Modernity, and Mainstream," Three Dimensions in Church Growth in Eastern China

For the development of Chinese urban churches, especially for church groups in southeast coastal cities like City-A, three dimensions or aspects need to be considered and solved at the same time.
A Christian Library. A Christian Library.

Viewpoint: Three Obstacles the Church Will Encounter When Exerting the Power of the Laity

When Christianity encounters setbacks and the activities of the church are limited, should we consider exerting the power of lay believers at this time? Obviously, it is imperative to release the strengths of lay believers, but there are several obstacles that need to be overcome.
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