Saturday, April 17, 2021


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A cross on the grass A cross on the grass

Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Christianity, Reflection on Its History in Terms of 2020 US Presidential Election

For traditional Christianity, this is not a good time because the once fervent religious enthusiasm has almost become extinguished due to the pandemic and the defeat of Trump in 2020. Meanwhile, traditional Christianity has also come to an end era in a mixture of good and bad times.
Rural Christians in China Rural Christians in China

Scholar: Truth Behind Rumors of "Illegal Religious Activities in Rural Areas" under Shijiazhuang’s Outbreak

Recently, the media hyped the religious activities taking place in rural areas due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Shijiazhuang. As a scholar, I refute the rumors by three reasons.
A church. A church.

Reflection upon Christian Faith Based on Comparison between Rural Churches’ Past and Present

If you want to know the past situation of rural churches, you need to ask rural elderly believers and preachers to get a general understanding from them, and you can also listen to their stories about changes to the church. The reason why rural churches are in their current situation lies in how people have changed. Is the environment changing too fast? Are we getting increasingly sophisticated?
A church. A church.

While Churches Gather On-site and Online, Network Technology Training is Still Needed

Churches that have resumed on-site gatherings should provide their congregation with appropriate technical training on how to use network technology. Online churches should also teach more believers how to use various online media tools to ensure they experience a good quality of online services.
A woman prays to God. A woman prays to God.

How to Explain Male Believers Being Outnumber by Female in Rural Churches?

Sisters largely outnumber brothers in not only rural churches but also urban churches. Why is there such an imbalance? This question is worthy of consideration.
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