Story of Believer Cured of Stomachache

A picture of a person holding his belly
A picture of a person holding his belly (photo:
By Li ShiguangMay 15th, 2023

Yongnian is a rural pastor in central China. Influenced by his mother, he began to know the Lord at an early age. A few years ago, his mother was taken away by the Lord.

His mother began to believe in the Lord in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when she had a very serious mental problem. In normal times, his mother performed well in all aspects and could do farm work like normal people. But when she was ill, she became a completely different woman - crying, shouting, and making trouble. Yongnian recalled that he was very scared every time his mother was ill.

 With no warning, his mother could suddenly sit down on the ground and begin to cry and make trouble. His family took her to see many doctors, but no one was helpful.

In the village, there were some senior female believers persuading her to believe in Jesus. As there was nothing anyone could do, the family followed their advice. In this way, his mother attended church meetings and gradually became a Christian. In this process, his mother slowly recovered.

Her disease that had been afflicting her and her family was finally cured, but it was not cured by the doctor but by Jesus. His mother was very grateful for this, and her life became completely different. 

She also became bright in her heart and felt very happy, so that she could serve her family much more. Yongnian recalled that if the family lacked anything, his mother would pray, and God really listened and fulfilled her prayer.

No one knows whether it was because of bad hygiene habits or other reasons, but Yongnian often had stomachaches when he was a child. Sometimes his stomach began to hurt during class, so he had to run home crying and ask his mother to pray for him. His mother let him lie on the bed, then rubbed his stomach and prayed for him. His mother would say, "Lord, your hand is my hand. Please use my hand to cure my son. Your hand is a hand that shed blood and healed sick people. Your hand can drive away ghosts and treat people’s diseases."

As long as his stomach hurts, his mother will pray for him like this. Every time she prayed his stomach would soon stop hurting. God is willing to take care of such a small thing as a stomachache. Why don't you believe in God?

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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