World Council Churches Promotes 'Child-friendly Churches'

International Children's Day in China
International Children's Day in China (photo: Xinhua)
By Michelle GuanzonJune 28th, 2016

The Central Committee of World Council of Churches (WCC) has been captured by religious communities in a discussion on the support for the children's' rights and a statement about "principles for child-friendly churches."

The moderator of the plenary discussion was Martina Viktorie Kopecka explained that the work on children's rights has evolved from ecumenical talks and a working group active during the WCC 10th Assembly last 2013 at Busan, Korea.

The ensuing process was signed last 2015 at it was a global partnership agreement between UNICEF and WCC.

According to the recent report, the principles for child-friendly churches help encourage Christian agencies and congregations to "celebrate gifts provided by children and churches' role play of nurturing and protecting children, visit the many wounds of children's lives and failure to address their basic needs and participate in joint efforts to transform injustices into justice."

"This is not just about our future. It is our present," Plenary moderator Kopecka said.

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