Zhangjiagang Church, Jiangsu, Holds 2015 Autumn Retreat

Retreat (photo: Gospel Times)
By Issarchar LiOctober 12th, 2015

A few days ago, the Church of Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu province held a 3-day Autumn Revival Meeting. About 3,000 people attended it.

Zhangjiagang Church declared that the Revival Meeting had specially invited Yuming Lei, the secretary of the vice chairman in the National Committee of TSPM in Guangdong; Pastor Yongquan Tang and Pastor Wei Liu of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary as guest speakers. The three priests preached their sermon on the topics of "the service of Christian", "you are my testimony", "God is the light" and "Service" to exhort believers to participate in ministry.

It can be traced back to the Qing dynasty that the Gospel had been preached to Zhangjiagang. Missionaries established the first church there in 1908. There were three churches and three fellowships before the Liberation of China in 1949. But the worship services were gradually restored after the reform and opening up of China. And another two churches and five fellowships were established.

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