First Legal Church to Be Completed to Protect Believers from Heresy in Eastern China

The church's design sketch
The church's design sketch (photo: Laoling CCCTSPM)
By Yetta YaoAugust 3rd, 2016

A new church - Laoling Church is being constructed in Shandong, a coastal province of the East China, with the principal part and exterior construction completed.

The rest fitout project will take three or four months to be finished with enough fund, says Elder Chen Guizhen of the church.

It will be the first legal church in Laoling, a city in Shandong, as the protection for local believers, according to Laoling CCC&TSPM. There are more than 20,000 local Christians most of whom don't understand the right Christian doctrine, thus, some are intruded and won over by heresies and even have done something harmful to families and society, resulting in a bad influence and huge loss.

Moreover, the remote current church can't meet the need of gatherings and provide offices for the local CCC&TSPM, due to the small size.

Then in 2011,after two-year prayer of the church staff, the local government allocated an area of some seven-mu free of charge for the church construction, as it is quoted from Cheng'en Church, Dalian. At present the church is urging for 500,000 yuan for the future fire control and fitout projects and there's still a shortage of two million yuan in total for the whole completion.

Shandong CCC&TSPM introduces that the six-story church will cover 6.7 mu with a construction area of around 4000 square meters and a spire 52 meters tall. It is estimated that a total fund of 10.64 million yuan will be invested in the construction.

It can hold 1500 people along with the exhibition of Jewish history and culture as well as proving service for western weddings.  Besides, a comprehensive building will be built, including a home for the aged, clinics and a training center.

The history of the Christianity in Laoling can be dated back to 1862. Sixty-six churches, a hospital and a girls' school were built in the short period. However, all the churches were demolished by the Japanese army during the Sino-Japanese War. There had been no church until 2010.

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