Biblical Interpretation of <Amendments to the Regulations on Religious Affairs (draft)> from a grassroot Preacher

The Legislative Affairs Office announced Revised Draft of Regulations on Religious Affairs (Draft) on Sept 7.
The Legislative Affairs Office announced Revised Draft of Regulations on Religious Affairs (Draft) on Sept 7. (photo: Screenshot)
By CCD Contributor: Samuel October 4th, 2016

The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council issued for public suggestions and comments on Sept 7.

Once released, the draft spread across the network and drew people's attention, especially Christians in China.

According to a survey of contemporary Chinese beliefs, the number of people believing religions in China has reached 300 million since China's reform and opening up.

No matter how the draft is, the government has opened the door of public comments. As members of the society, we Christians have the rights and obligations endowed by Constitution. At the same time, Christians have another identity: We are the children of God. We shall both participate in and pray for political events. The Bible teaches us: Pray for thousands of people; pray for Kings and officials, thus making our life pious and peaceful." (Timothy chapter 1-2).

60 years has passed since People's Republic of China was established in 1949. The number of Christians has grown to tens of millions. However, the church was in a very vulnerable position. Nowadays, churches in the city have become the backbone of Christianity in China and spread gospel in the mainstream of society. A lot of people are discussing their concerns of house churches in China.

1.Stand firm in any environment

Since we began to believe that God will save us, we have been the son of God and known the truth of God.

God would like us to stand firm and accomplish ourselves with the guidance of his holy truth. Life is a long journey and we will encounter all kinds of problems. However, " When the world is flooded, God is King;God is King, forever".

As the new issued, house churches could face many restrictions and pressure. However, we don't need to panic. We shall look up to God and stand firm. After 1949, the priority of Christianity in China is anti-imperialist and patriotism. Christian churches in China even named themselves "Christian Patriotic Movement Committee" at that time. This means Christianity has been related to politics in China since 1949. In late 1950 s, many Christian churches were merged or canceled. Then house churches thrived. Today, house churches have proliferated and become stronger . We believe house churches will also overcome difficulties with the grace of God! 

2. Learning to be modest and forbearing like God

In the life of Jesus, we can see that he was always modest and forbearing. God also hopes that we shall follow him. Faced with hypocritical Pharisees, he didn't revenge or resist them. He chose to tolerate them with the biggest love.

We are easy to be impulse and impatient but patience is what we have to learn. The early churches were in a difficult environment. Disciples didn't go against Roman Government or abandon themselves. They stood firm with the grace of God.

The priority of churches in China today is giving sovereign rights to God. We shall be modest and forbearing with the belief that everything is in the charge of God.

3. Bear the social responsibility and practice faith mission

The church provides numerous equal opportunities for individuals to enter the public space. People can get a sense of belonging, personal care, moral sublimation and so on in the church. For some Christians, the house church may be the best place to practice religion belief. A house church also has the most basic elements of a civil organization: voluntary, unofficial, non-profit and public welfare. No matter in urban or rural areas, believers will feel at home in a house church.

Christians should be model citizens who obey the law, or Christianity will have a devastating effect on China's society. The virtues of Christianity not only alleviate anxiety but also rebuild people's confidence. During the Asian financial crisis, churches in Hong Kong requires people to be confident and tide over the difficulties together. I believe churches in China Mainland will have better performance and make great contribution to promoting the social harmony.

Christianity has a good tradition of serving the society and loving other people. Over the years China's churches have organized many public welfare charity activities and got praise from all walks of life.

In the future we shall try our best to aid the poor. We will also help reduce stress of the government and the society so as to spread the spirit of Christianity. Christians shall bear the social responsibility and love others in work and daily life. We shall conduct our faith by being a model citizen.

3. Be alert and wait for the arrival of God

The Christians shall wait for the arrival of God like a farmer hoping for the rain and harvest. We shall be confident and well prepared for that day instead of living a lazy life.

More and more kinds of disasters are happening around the world, implying that God is coming soon.

Faced with the challenge of this era, we have to finish to our mission and endure to the end. Regardless of any situation or environment, we shall follow the steps of God and make practical efforts.

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