Premier Li Keqiang Calls For More Care to Women, Children

Premier Li speaks in the conference
Premier Li speaks in the conference (photo:
By Ruth WangNovember 22nd, 2016

Premier Li Keqiang emphasizes gender equality and more care for children at the sixth national work conference on women and children held in Beijing on Nov 18.

Li states that holding up half the sky, women play a significant role in the development of human society and children are regarded as the future and hope of a nation. He urges continuous efforts to promote the basic state policy of gender equality and the principle of prioritizing children's education. 

He says that a number of outstanding women like Tu Youyou have accomplished great achievements in the fields covering technology, aerospace, airlines and sports in the past decades. Meanwhile, there are many difficulties and challenges in the development of women and children, due to productive forces and historical and cultural reasons. Some backward ideas and social customs still exist in the country. There are deficient protection and service resources for the two vulnerable groups in local regions, especially in poor areas. 

The development of women and children should be better coordinated with the economic and social development in the next five years, he says.

He mentions that special care should be provided to orphans, left-behind children and sick and disabled children as well as street children. Local governments should expand the coverage and increase programs with higher standards for child welfare.

In the end, Li puts forward that a good social environment should be formed to support the work. The country will tighten controls on the culture market, media and Internet to prevent harmful information and  strengthen the guidance of public opinion. The respect and care for women and children should define the state will, citizenship, and social custom.

Translated by: Karen Luo.

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