Shipu Christian Church of Fuzhou Helps the Homeless

the Shipu Church of Fuzhou
the Shipu Church of Fuzhou (photo: wikimedia/GnuDoyng)
By Dandelion FellowshipMarch 2nd, 2017

Dandelion Fellowship of Shipu Church of Fuzhou launched its first-ever campaign to help the homeless in January 2017, offering free cotton quilts, clothes and food to wanderers on the street and railway station.

On Jan. 13, four groups consisting of more than 30 members headed to different places and offered help.

The first wanderer they encountered curled in a place under decoration, covered with a thin quilt. They gave one quilt and some food to him, telling him that Jesus loves him. He was touched, expressing his thanks. A helped senior tramp said with gratitude, "It is very warm tonight."

Shipu Church was used to be a theological college founded in 1883 by John Shaw Burdon, a British Christian missionary to China. It was closed during the Cultural Revolution and reopened in 1990.

Translated by Karen Luo

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