Christian Newlywed Donates Wedding Fund to Back Anti-Coronavirus Fight

By Karen LuoFebruary 13th, 2020

On February 8, 2020, a Christian newlywed from China's eastern coastal Zhejiang Province decided to donate their 500,000 yuan wedding fund to support the ongoing anti-coronavirus battle.

According to China Christian Council & Three-Self Patriotic Movement, the husband, Xiao En, a budgeter in a local construction audit company, and the wife, Si Si (both are pseudonyms), a designer in a Chinese Internet technology company, NetEase, canceled their planned wedding in March.

The newlywed read a report that Li Lanjuan, one of the most renowned epidemiologists in China, led her team to work in the coronavirus epicenter, Wuhan. Moved by this, Si said that their wedding was nothing compared to this big sacrifice.

The couple both agreed to donate the fund, which would have been used for their wedding meals, to instead save affected patients.

Winning support from their fathers, they confronted the little emotions of their mothers who thought the wedding of the two only children should be decent. Eventually, the mothers said yes.

The donation was given through the labor union of a hospital. The fund will be used to purchase supplies needed to fight in the epidemic battle. Some of those supplies will be sent free of charge to local residents, hotels, government-affiliated institutions, and disease control personnel on duty.

The couple said, "the donation has been used in the anti-epidemic frontline to cure the diseased and save people. Our families are all gratified. This is a very significant thing in our lives. We have agreed to hold a simple outdoors wedding on the lawn of Siming Mountain when the flowers are in full bloom after the epidemic stops."

Knowing this, Li Lanjuan gave her gratitude and blessings to their marriage through the mouth of a member of the labor union.

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