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An Ordinary Singer Who Experiences Miraculous Healing

An Ordinary Singer Who Experiences Miraculous Healing

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ByEn Hui May 31, 2021
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There is a local church, which consists of two kinds of believers: local believers and foreign believers. Among them, foreign believers account for the vast majority and local believers account for only a small portion. Even in individual churches in this area, the share of local believers is almost negligible. These local believers can be divided into two categories: people in the first category were influenced by their families and came to Christ since childhood or when they were grown up, while the other category comprises those who worshipped idols before they believed in the true God.

Some similarities exist among these former idolaters who have converted to the true God. For example, many of them, due to incurable diseases, first asked their gods for healing but were not cured and left disappointed. They then turned to Jesus for help and were healed as they wished, finally following Him steadfastly.

One of the local sisters in that church had a similar experience. She was an accountant in her youth and lived a good life, with a stable job, relative affluence, a loving husband, obedient children and a big house. However, just when she thought that everything was perfect and she was going to enjoy herself, her original plan was disrupted by a serious illness.

She was diagnosed with bowel cancer. When she knew it, she was horrified, frightened and tried to calm down. After that, they went everywhere to seek medical advice; they went to the hospital for checkups and treatment at each stage of the cancer. When medical treatment failed, she immediately placed her trust in the gods she believed in and prayed to them for healing. Therefore, during that period, she visited local temples and ancestral halls; her home was also surrounded by smoke, filled with a variety of statues, charms, and so on. 

However, no matter how many gods the sister invited, it was to no avail; her condition rather worsened. In her helplessness and despair, she accidentally heard fellow villagers introduce Jesus, saying that Jesus is the God of gods and can cure people's diseases and they might as well have a try. So, by chance, she found a church not far from her home. After that, she attended meetings in that church, asking God to heal her.

It is amazing that after this sister entered the church and attended the meeting, her condition gradually improved; Soon after, she was completely cured of bowel cancer and became a very healthy person. More than 20 years have passed and she is still healthy.

God not only healed her of a physical illness, but also her soul, mind, and so on. It is said that after her illness was cured, she was forced to repay millions in debts for others because her family members stood as guarantors and had issues; it took nearly 20 years to repay. In the process of repayment, the couple experienced too many difficulties and tests, but they were not overwhelmed, let alone dispersed. Instead, they faced them together until the repayment was completed. In the sister's words, "It was the result of God's presence with them."

In spiritual matters, the sister was also eager to pursue and serve wholeheartedly. God gave her the gifts of singing, accounting, and comforting, and she made the most of them. For more than 20 years, the sister has never neglected using these gifts to serve in the church and has done her best to help many people. Her service was universally recognized by the church congregation, and in her old age, she was ordained.

Now, the sister is more than seventy years old, but she still serves. Every Sunday, I hear her bright, vigorous, witness songs; sometimes, I see her comforting local believers who have had similar experiences to hers, telling them the truth of God and comforting them to look up to Jesus.

- Translated by Nonye Nancy

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