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Fujian Christian Foundation Helps People in Trouble

Fujian Christian Foundation Helps People in Trouble

Fujian Theological Seminary Fujian Theological Seminary
ByMark Cui September 27, 2021
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 "My grandmother, my mother, and I are full of gratitude for the loving care from the leaders of Fujian CC&TSPM and the pastors in the province... I will study hard to repay the country, society, and the Lord's grace."

Recently, Fujian Christian Love Foundation received a thank-you letter from a student surnamed Zhu from Sanming City, as his Christian father died while helping to fight against a forest fire.

Zhu wrote to say that the financial difficulties allowance had been received, expressing his gratitude for their intercession and cordial concern, according to CCC&TSPM.

Appointed by Fujian CC&TSPM, Rev. Zhang Jiyou, deputy president of Fujian CC, sent the love fund to a female volunteer Christian in Jianyang Church, whose husband and granddaughter were swallowed by the flood which hit northern Fujian in June this year. A few days ago, together with Rev. Lin Delai, the deputy president of Fujian Theological Seminary, Rev. Zhang again brought the love donation from believers in the province (including the chapel of Fujian Theological Seminary) to her.

Sometime before, the staff of Fujian CC&TSPM presented materials and love funds to children in Mercy Field home in Fuzhou Minhou County, where juvenile children of prisoners were accepted and helped. In addition, the provincial foundation also funded 34 needy students in the autumn semester and donated 50 barrels of disinfectant to Fujian Normal University and the experimental kindergarten of the university.

As the only provincial Christian social welfare charity fund launched by Fujian CC&TSPM, the foundation actively organizes disaster relief, donations to students, and poverty alleviation. Churches, believers, and all levels of CC&TSPMs made donations around September 11-12, which the foundation set as the donation days this year.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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