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Jilin, Shanghai Celebrate 'Charity Day'

Jilin, Shanghai Celebrate 'Charity Day'

A church choir in Jilin Province presented a hymn to mark the A church choir in Jilin Province presented a hymn to mark the "Christian Charity Day" which falls on October 23, 2022.(CCC&TSPM)
ByMark Cui November 01, 2022
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Churches in Jilin and Shanghai launched activities on the “Christian Charity Day”, following the guidelines of CCC&TSPM.

Churches all over Jilin Province carried out charity events combined with epidemic prevention and control requirements, according to CCC&TSPM.

Although churches in Siping City in the province have not resumed gatherings due to the epidemic, they sent relief supplies totaling more than 10,000 yuan to elderly people living alone as well as seriously ill families. They bought food, fruit, and daily necessities, cleaning up for 10 elderly lonely people living alone, who were also frail with limited mobility. Among six seriously ill families, a female believer named Chang Fengzhi was hospitalized with a sudden myocardial infarction and was in urgent need of surgery. As she was unable to pay for the surgery due to financial hardship, church members made donations for her.

Pastors preached the same scriptures and topics on "Christian Charity Day" in their Sunday services in many Jilin churches, including Minzhu Street Church in Dunhua, Hebei Church in Dashitou Town, Youhao gathering point in Hanzhang Township, Anle gathering point, Shahe Church, and a gathering point in Xianru Town. After the Sunday services, free clinics were organized respectively for 1,086 people, with 1,600 yuan being donated for medical use.

Xinghua gathering point in Qiuligou, Dunhua City, also visited nursing homes and seriously ill people, giving them supplies valued at 1,670 yuan.

Shanghai CC&TSPM called on churches to provide support to society, help the community cope with the epidemic, and give care and services to people in need.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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