Shanghai Holy Trinity Cathedral Celebrates First-Ever Easter Openly Since 1966

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Shanghai
Holy Trinity Cathedral in Shanghai
By Katherine GuoApril 13th, 2023

The station of CCC&TSPM, Holy Trinity Cathedral in Shanghai observed Easter Sunday for the first time in decades.

Accompanied by the pipe organ with the hymn "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today," the officiant held up the cross while choir members and the preacher slowly entered the main building on April 9, with hymns being presented by East China Theological Seminar.

Based on Luke 24:1–12 and John 1:14, Rev. Wu Wei, president of the China Christian Council (CCC), delivered a sermon titled "The Lord Has Risen."

The message focused on the words of the Bible as guidance for people’s lives. Pastor Wu first explained two differences between Christianity and other religions, saying God did not need believers to do anything for Him but gave His only begotten Son, who was crucified for sinners. He also stated that Christians didn’t need to look for God because Jesus came to the world to show that the essence of God is love.

Wu mentioned that believers should not just learn theology but also build a faith-based lifestyle. Christians should accept the grace that God has given us through His beloved Son, live out God’s grace, and be a blessing to others. He also encouraged believers to practice the Bible teachings, such as stopping being angry before the end of the day and caring for orphans and widows.

Receiving small gifts at the end of the service, churchgoers could make donations by purchasing commemorative stamps and books made to commemorate the re-opening of the church on December 12, 2022.

In addition to worshippers, there were also tourists who came to see the church's magnificent architecture or were curious about Christian worship rituals.

Resuming one Sunday service after 56 years of closure, the church expressed the Christian faith through its architecture, organ music, worship etiquette, and preaching.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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