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My Story with Pastor Who Led Me on the Road of Ministry

My Story with Pastor Who Led Me on the Road of Ministry

An empty church. An empty church.
ByDorcas Huang September 16, 2021
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I began to be afraid of teachers when I was young, so I also had a misunderstanding about pastors, thinking that they were serious, hard to approach, and not allowed to make any mistakes. As a result, I had been afraid of pastors for a long time, and even unwilling to go to church.

One day during the summer vacation of 2015, my stereotype of pastors was broken. I finally began to approach a pastor against the guidance of my grandparents, and my understanding of faith was no longer just about going to church on Sundays. Now that I think about it, and I find God really wonderful. He changed my impression of pastors with one scene.

On that day, a pastor and several boys were trimming vegetables in preparation for dinner at the kitchen door of the church. Two of the boys, who were also brothers in Christ, led me to greet the pastor. This was the scene when I saw a pastor again after more than ten years of contact with the faith, and this scene made me feel a pastor could also be very approachable. After that, I spent the summer and winter vacations with my brothers and sisters in the church. The pastor not only took us to read the Bible and taught us basic music theory but also prepared meals for us when it was time for dinner. The pastor cared about the academic performance of each of us. Gradually, I was no longer afraid of the pastor. Instead, I respected and loved him, because he loved us like a father. 

The youth fellowship of the church was our little family. We have the same heavenly father and the pastor who was like our parent in this family. With his words and deeds, the pastor led us to know God and taught us to obey God’s words. Members loved each other in the fellowship. We were not related by blood, but we became the closest people who cared about each other.

When I graduated from college in 2018, the pastor said that the church should develop young people, so he asked three other brothers and me what we thought of full-time ministry. When the pastor asked me about my will, I was very surprised. At that time, I'd only really been in the faith for two or three years. Compared with other believers, I was the least qualified to study theology. They had all grown up in church and were more familiar with the Bible than me. Moreover, their service experience and faith life were much better than mine. In short, I was the least likely person. However, in the end, I was the only one who agreed to take the theology test.  

The pastor helped me find the materials for my review, contacted the volunteer missionary training class, and arranged for me to be the guest student, hoping that I could learn more Bible knowledge. Later, I quit my job and observed the training class. Not eating spicy food due to my health, so I lost much weight during the first two weeks after I arrived there. After the pastor knew about the situation, he contacted the person in charge there. Later, the food in the canteen became milder, and there was more chili sauce on the table.

After the COVID-19 pandemic which caused the suspension of training classes, I became more convinced of my choice to study theology. It was God's selection and calling that enabled me to embark on the road of theology through my pastor. From the beginning of preparation to the examination, physical examination, political examination, and the smooth start of school, I knew little of how much my pastor cared for me and prayed for me. The pastor's daughter said that the pastor regarded me as his own daughter, of whom he had high expectations. 

On the day when the admission notice came, I told the pastor the good news first, because it was not my business alone. I just went to the seminary to be equipped on behalf of my fellow Christians.

When I was admitted, the pastor was grateful and happy for me. He told me to obey God's word carefully so that my way would be prosperous and I would have good success.  This is the most precious of instructions.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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