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Online Donations Called For Believer Injured In Car Accident

Online Donations Called For Believer Injured In Car Accident

Many red crosses form the shape of the heart Many red crosses form the shape of the heart
ByGrace Zhi May 17, 2022
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"Please save this 38-year-old young person from death!" On May 12th, the Gospel Times, an online Chinese Christian newspaper, received an appeal from a male believer for online donations.

The newspaper learned that the patient named Dong Cheng who is 38 and lives in Bozhou, Anhui Province. Seven days ago, he rode an electric bike to the construction team where he was working. When he tried to avoid an old man who has been passing the road, Dong was thrown out from his electric bike. Unfortunately, he fell on his head. After being taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain contusion and right parietal fracture after completing a brain CT. ICU admission cost nearly 10,000 yuan per day.

Another male Christian named Dong Maomao, who initiated the online fundraising, said that Dong Cheng's family is in a very difficult situation now, as his aged mother stays at home alone. Among his six brothers and sisters, due to the epidemic, all his brothers cannot come back from working outside, one sister has passed away, and now the other two sisters and brother-in-law are taking care of him. Maomao said that because they were neighbors and both Christians, they often attended church services together. After that accident, Dong's family raised money in various ways, because he may need a craniotomy soon and 500,000 yuan urgently. So Maomao helped them to initiate these online donations on the platform of Faindrop Fundraising, in order to make them get through the difficult times. Mentioning the local church, Maomao said that the church's help was limited due to the epidemic, so now the believers would visit Dong's home to take care of his mother and pray for his treatment. Maomao has also appealed online to Christians from all over the world to help the family. So far, he has received about 10,000 yuan and nearly 30,000 yuan in total through Faindrop Fundraising. He will transfer the money to Dong's family as soon as possible.

“Today is Dong’s 7th day in the ICU and he finally woke up from his coma. Losing his memory, he doesn't even recognize me. Before doctors said it would take 24 hours to be out of danger for him, but now they say it will take 10 days. Dong Cheng will need further observation and brain CT scan, maybe requiring a craniotomy," he added. 

 - Translated by Luke Liu

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