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Christian Artist Performs at CCTV's New Year's Eve Gala

Christian Artist Performs at CCTV's New Year's Eve Gala

Sophia Huang Qishan and Curley G performed a song named Sophia Huang Qishan and Curley G performed a song named "You Are My Way Home" at the Spring Festival Gala which took place on January 22, 2023.(screenshot)
ByEsther Tian January 27, 2023
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A Christian singer from Chongqing performed at the Spring Festival Gala 2023, singing a song that was said to be the most touching program in this celebration of the start of the Lunar New Year.

On January 22, Sophia Huang Qishan, titled “China’s Whitney Houston” and “Asia’s Number 1 Female Voice,"  and Curley G or Xilinnayi Gao, a Chinese singer-songwriter, sang the song "You Are My Way Home", which Netizens thought was another masterpiece by Huang, who acted as a mother but has not been a mother.

In the form of dialogue that was close to life, each of the lyrics, which netizens declared that their mothers had also said, moved male audiences to tears.

Born in 1968 and known as a "soul singer" after participating in the singing competition program "I Am a Singer" in 2013, Huang is also a Christian and has studied theology. She was involved in church activities and campaigns for social welfare, and she once said that she would be willing to sing for God about how His saving grace had changed her life.

At the rehearsal site of the gala, which is for the worldwide Chinese to ring in the Chinese New Year, the Christian singer recalled her early hard life as a "Beijing drifter," which refers to a person who struggles in Beijing but can’t settle down. She shared that she started watching the largest Chinese TV show in 1983, the first year of the gala, having dreamed to perform in it for decades. She also learned to wait for the dream to come true.

Huang concluded, "I think I will remember forever the story in the program, which is about the relationship between two family members who finally understand and accept each other, crossing the general gap!"

When people heard this song, it made them cry, and they started to tell their mothers they loved them or hug their closest friends.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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