Interview With Christian Calligrapher: Calligraphy Is Spiritual

A picture of a man signing his name
A picture of a man signing his name (
By Li ShiguangApril 12th, 2023

Brother Le Dao has been a Christian for decades and is also an accomplished calligrapher.

Le understands the Christian faith more deeply through calligraphy and enters the next level of calligraphy from the Christian perspective.

Brother Le Dao believes that calligraphy is spiritual. The Classic of Mountains and Seas, also known as Shanhai Jing, one of the oldest books in China, records Cang Jie, who invented Chinese characters. It says that Cang's eyes were electric lights. When he saw the birds landing on the beach with his shining eyes, the bird's paw prints were left. When he saw this imprint, he was inspired and thought that human beings could create a similar system to record and convey information. This was actually the word system, and finally, words were created by Cang.

Jehovah is the first to write with His fingers. He wrote the ten commandments, which are about life and death. Those who keep the commandments could live, while those who do not will die.

"I dare not boast, but I have been practicing calligraphy for more than 40 years. No matter if it was winter or summer every year, I never stopped writing calligraphy. The used ink could be enough to fill a small pond, and the paper could fill several trucks. But I dare not say I am good at it. I am also a Christian, and I have some ideas and explorations on the relationship between calligraphy and belief," said Brother Le.

"When writing characters, the pen in my hand is integrated with my eyes and my heart. But this does not mean I have high calligraphy attainments. It is a gratitude to God and is integrated into the Holy Spirit so that I can write. The characters I wrote are to witness the redemption road opened by the Lord Jesus Christ."

"Calligraphy is my ministry. I want to bless more people with the calligraphy that God has given me," he said.

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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