Generous Church Member Donates Materials, Labor for Renovation Project

A picture of three crosses on the mountain
A picture of three crosses on the mountain
By Xi LanMay 19th, 2023

Believers who follow the Lord Jesus Christ understand that doing and giving more to God is not considered a loss but rather an opportunity to accumulate eternal blessings for themselves.

A versatile male believer surnamed Wang, who is a carpenter, offered his services related to decoration, electrical work, and plumbing. His self-built home in the village was both built and decorated by him.

A church planned to carry out a straightforward renovation, primarily focused on replacing a few doors, repainting the exterior walls, and painting and attaching tiles in several annex rooms. Once Wang learned of this, he graciously volunteered his services, stating that these were easy tasks and that he could undertake them independently. After careful consideration, the church leader and church council members decided to entrust the renovation project to him.

Wang worked hand-in-hand with his brother-in-law, who is skilled in tile work. Over the course of a month, he worked tirelessly on the project. When it was time to settle the bill, Wang declined payment, insisting that the church only needed to pay the wages of his brother-in-law and the others. He even provided cement and sand for free. He didn't want the church to pay him at all, refusing any form of compensation or invoice. Despite losing money as a craftsman because he couldn’t do other work to earn money, Wang refused to accept any payment and regarded it as a blessing to serve the Lord and the church. He stated that he and his wife had savings, and a slight reduction in earnings would not affect their lives since his son is married and self-sufficient.

While many people make excuses for not attending church services, studying the Bible, or serving the Lord, there are those like Wang who willingly devote their efforts to the Lord. In light of this, we should be humble before God and obey His words with gratitude. Instead of complaining about things being inadequate or insufficient, we should strive to do more things for the Lord.

(The author is a pastor of a grassroots church in Jiangsu.)

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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