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Hangzhou Chongyi Church & Sicheng Church Call for Prayers for the G20

Hangzhou Chongyi Church & Sicheng Church Call for Prayers for the G20

Sicheng Church Sicheng Church (Sicheng Church)
ByGrace Zhi June 09, 2016
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The Hangzhou Chongyi Church, the largest megachurch in the country, called for their congregation to pray for the incoming 11th G20 Summit on September 4 and 5 in Hangzhou in their weekly prayer list.

According to the memo released on June 5, it said: "Lord, we pray to you for Hangzhou, our beautiful city. Since Hangzhou is making the effort to put all the strength it has to meet the G20 Summit, may you keep your eye on all the phases of preparation and allow it to advance in order for it to become successful and secure."

During the earlier weeks prior to the June 5 announcement, the church has launched several prayer topics regarding the Summit, saying "Pray for our city Hangzhou, who is now walking towards the international stage and has more chances before it. May our city, which is beautiful from the inside out, remain established on the truth and the rock."

The Sicheng Church, Hangzhou's ancient church, is also praying for the success of the G20 Summit every 28th of each month since March 2016. It said: "Pray for every ministry that will greet the G20. Ask the Lord to give the good power, add wisdom and talents to the workers to make everything successful. "

It also announced the daily prayer list of the whole month in the first week of the month, calling on the congregation to pray for every ministry for five minutes before every activity.

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