Exclusive Interview: Christ's Love Showed to Indian Unfortunate

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By Alice WangSeptember 13th, 2016

Serving in a Indian ministry named Vision for Spiritual & Social Action, Rev. Binay Kumar Bardhan and his friends in this ministry are serving the orphans in this country and preaching all over India. 

Came from a village named Serango  of District Gajapati Odisha  India, Rev Dr Binay Kumar Bardhan was born and brought up in a Christian family. With the sorrow of losing his mum and much experience on living with step mother when he was young, Dr Binay Kumar Bardhan is deep concerned about people suffering in relationships. 

Brief Introduction: reborn experience

My father was the first generation Christian, after his ex-serving as a gunner in the Indian Army during the 2nd world war. He left his job right after the war and stayed in the village after some time he worked with missionaries those were in his village. At that time, the village, Serango, was the missionaries headquarter  as he was associated with  them he was impressed by the missionaries and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior and Lord.

As younger one I was in the family, I grown up with much love. At the age of five I lost my mother, after one year my father married again, after that my problem started. It was so difficult for me to stay with my step mother but I had to stay because I don't had other option.

I had much experience on living with step mother.

In the village I was known as a good boy, I was going to the Church regularly and attending in all the activities of the Church but I do not have the experience that Jesus is Lord and Savior. Just after the schooling I joined with a mission Organization Called India Every Home Crusade by the recommendation of the Church/Pastor. I had to join there because I  have no other way to live. As the Church knew that I was a good boy, I had been recommended without knowing Christ as Savior.

In 1978  March we had a prayer meeting and I was decided to pray for three days of fasting prayer to accept the Lord and the last day of my prayer I had a special experience. I was crying before the Lord confessing my sins, and I saw a dark room, and that was my study room where I kept my books by myself but I could not find a particular book; suddenly a light came to that room and I found it. So it was told that Jesus said I am the Light of the world. And the same time He came to my heart so that I could see my past sins which I had done, so that I had confess according to 1st John 1:9.

And the the year August 28 I had taken Immersion Baptism, from which day I have been serving the Lord.

What reason You started this ministry?

There is two main reasons why I have started. I was in the ministry and went all over India for evangelism /preaching the Gospel and saw many  people dying without knowing /accepting Christ .

Many are suffering of illness, poverty, with out food, cloths, Shelter so on .

Second is that, as I had suffered as an orphan I know the pain and suffering and I met many such children who are suffering as I. So to help such people and kids, I have started to help and serve them and my desire is for the children that they should not feel that they are orphans. I have to give them parental care and love, providing good environment, good shelter, food and education.

So our Scripture portion is Math.25:40,"Jesus said whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine ,you did for me."

Intro to VSSA

VSSA, short for Vision for Spiritual & Social Action, is a Non denominational and Non profitable organization originated in the year 1990 by dedicated and selfless group, who were called with a definite call, vision of witnessing and preaching Jesus Christ to the perishing souls in India and its remote parts. After much prayer and waiting upon the Lord’s guidance this organization is formed. It is governed by an Executive Committee and a General Body. It is registered under the Society Registration Act with the Government of Orissa in the year 1995. It is also registered under Income Tax Act and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of the Govt. of India.

Official Web HERE.
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