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Suzhou Christian Care Center Opens

Suzhou Christian Care Center Opens

 Shengze Nursing Home & Care Center Shengze Nursing Home & Care Center(Shengze Church )
ByCCD contributor: Shengze Church December 05, 2017
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On Nov 23, 2017, Shengze Nursing Home & Care Center in Wujiang, Suzhou held its opening ceremony.

The facility, established by Shengze Christian Church, is located in No. 858(818), Shengtan Rd., Xibaiyang, Shengze Town, which is called "The No.1 Silk Town" in China. The non-profit professional medical facility includes medical treatment, recovery, nursing, and retirement with a total investment of over 37 million RMB.

Rev. Yang Bingrong, director of the facility, member of the CCC&TSPM standing committee of Jiangsu Province, and deputy chairman of the CCC&TSPM of Jiangsu City, delivered a speech. He thanked brother churches, Jabez International Business Fellowship, and believers for their help and support in preparing the fund, labor, and resources. Shi En'guang, deputy secretary-general of Suzhou Senior Association said that with its advantage in combining medical and elderly care, it filled the gap in rural nursing facilities.

By hiring professionals and nursing staff, the facility provides medical care, recovery, and terminal care for bedridden patients, terminal and chronic disease patients, seniors who can't take care of themselves, and other people who need long-term service.

The care center takes up 7,333 m2 with nearly 12,000 m2 of space. The main building has six stories with almost 300 beds. The out-patient area is equipped with internal medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation medicine, terminal care, medical imaging, a laboratory, etc.

The nursing center has two professional teams. One is led by experts, doctors, and nurses. The other is care workers with rich experiences. They offer 24-hour service for the seniors. Moreover, the center carries out hierarchical management and offer related services with different needs.

The community elderly day care center offers instrumental service and service on emotional cognition. It mainly provides daily care and nursing, facilities, and a clean and comfortable environment. There are over 30 beds for seniors to rest around noon. It is also equipped with a library, music room, activity room, and a tea house for the elderly. Lunch is also included.

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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