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[Church Feature] Century-old Church in Liaoning

[Church Feature] Century-old Church in Liaoning

Dalian Beijing Street Church Dalian Beijing Street Church(CCD contributor: John Wu)
ByCCD contributor: John Wu December 08, 2017
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Adjacent to a local railway station and business district, Beijing Street Church is located in Changjiang Road No. 605, Xigang District, Dalian, a major city in Liaoning Province.

Founded in 1909, it was the first church built by the Danish Lutheran Mission (DMS) in China, named "Cheng-en Church" (literally "Receiving Grace Church").

C. Waiatloew, a Danish missionary, came to Dalian in 1896 and planned the church. He returned to Denmark in 1912 to raise funds for construction.

The construction kicked off in 1913 and was completed the following year. Featuring a combination of Chinese and Western styles, the facility contains a main hall and a pastoral building has a floor construction of 1,705 square meters (2.55 acres). It is listed as a "mainly preserved architecture in Dalian."

It built seven other houses whose total area reach 984 square meters (1.47 acres) and remodeled them into the current side chapels.

In addition, it has a worship place for the deaf and mute. On December 16, 2017, it will hold a Christmas service for senior members above 70.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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