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Global Convention on Christian Faith&World Evangelization Held Virtually, Featuring Stephen Tong, World Christian Leaders

Global Convention on Christian Faith&World Evangelization Held Virtually, Featuring Stephen Tong, World Christian Leaders

Stephen Tong gave a lecture entitled Stephen Tong gave a lecture entitled "Universe and Its Focal Point" at the opening session of the Global Convention on Christian Faith&World Evangelization on October 1, 2020.(Screenshot)
ByRuth Wang October 10, 2020
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The Global Convention on Christian Faith & World Evangelization was held virtually in Jakarta, Indonesia. Stephen Tong and other world Christian leaders spoke at the convention.

Initiated by Reformed Evangelical Movement International and Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International, which was founded by the Indonesian Chinese pastor Stephen Tong, the convention was live-streamed from October 1 to 6 except for a sermon that Tong preached at the Messiah Cathedral.

The host writes on the convention’s official website, “Why Jakarta 2020 – Global Convention? Why choose the title ‘Christian Faith and World Evangelization’?”

The reply is, “The Lord has blessed Rev. Tong’s ministries for the past 63 years, especially in promoting and teaching the sound doctrine of Reformed Theology, not only to pastors and servants of God, but also to laymen. Theology should not be monopolized by church workers only but should be available to every Christian. Dr. Tong’s ministries are well known for calling people to repent and challenging Christians to serve The Lord Jesus Christ faithfully, encouraging them to share the Gospel. As he likes to say: ‘Church without evangelizing is committing suicide’.”

In addition, “Rev. Tong has had this idea of a Global Convention for many years. We have started planning this event since last year, but due to the pandemic, we decided to do it online. God is gracious because He allows this event to take place. Please pray for this event to be a blessing from God to Christians across the world.”

As more than 10,000 people from 47 countries registered, the hosts hoped there would be at least 60% from Indonesia, and 40% from the rest of the world.

The six-day convention included morning and evening sessions that were simultaneously translated into English, Chinese, or Indonesian. 

As the main speaker for the first morning session and the last evening lecture, Tong also spoke in the Sunday service. 

There were 30 renowned speakers who shared in English, Indonesian, or Chinese.

The English speakers included Tim Keller, John Piper, DA Carson, Os Guinness, and Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr. They gave sermons and lectures on the Gospels, Paul's vision for preaching where Christ has not been named, Christ and culture, the application of the Reformed and Exodus to the future of freedom, and theological education and evangelism, respectively.

Among the Chinese speakers were Rev. Dr. Jason Yeung, the former Principal of the Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Ambrose Seminary; Peter Liu, Vice President of The Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the United States and Canada, and Enoch Wang, ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church.


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