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Pastor's Testimony: "I Dedicate Myself to the Lord at High School"

Pastor's Testimony: "I Dedicate Myself to the Lord at High School"

A church cross under the blue sky. A church cross under the blue sky.
ByWei Meng'en July 02, 2021
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The song "It is Good to Believe in the Lord Jesus" is a hymn that I wrote when I was a junior in high school, moved by the Holy Spirit, in response to God's call to dedicate my life to preaching the gospel for the Lord and serving Him.

Thanks to God, our family experienced His amazing grace when I was ten years old. At that time, my mother was victimized by the devil, and she got sick many times late at night and almost died, which often flustered our family. We had spent much money on medical treatment and suffered much, but she did not get better. Later, we sought out witches, worshiped false gods and idols, but her condition instead became more serious.

Just when I was desperate, someone preached the gospel to my family and said, "Believe in Jesus Christ to save your mother.” Then my father took my mother to pray every day. After praying for a week, my mother did not get sick; after praying for another month, she was completely healed and has not been sick since then.

At that time, my grandfather was paraplegic, and when he saw that my mother was miraculously healed, he also followed Jesus and prayed for his disease for six months. To our surprise, his hemiplegia was healed and he did not use his crutches anymore, he could even travel 10 kilometers to the church in town and return by himself. The miraculous healing of both my mother and grandfather left me in no doubt about God's grace and power.

But ultimately, it was my own experience and knowledge of God that motivated me to dedicate myself to God and take the path of evangelization.

When I was ten years old, I was in the third grade, and I suffered from headaches every day, which were really painful. For this reason, I tore up my textbooks, did not turn in my homework, skipped school, and even thought of dropping out of school and going home. But just when my whole life was about to be ruined, the salvation of the Lord Jesus came to my home.

At that time, our family had just been converted, and I knew nothing else but to pray and rely on God in everything. I would pray and look up to God before every class, asking God to have mercy on me, to be with me, and to give me the strength to finish the class. At that time, the song "I Want Jesus" became my daily prayer: "I want Jesus, I want Jesus, every day I need Jesus. I want Him in the light of day, I want Him in the dark clouds, in my daily life, I want Jesus." To this day, whenever I sing this song, it brings tears to my eyes.

I could barely read from third grade, but after I believed in the Lord, I was completely changed. Thanks be to the Lord, by His grace and help I went to high school, then studied theology for five years, and finally unto the Graduate School of Religion at the Renmin University of China for two years. During all these years, I prepared sermons for preaching in churches and lectures for seminaries and training courses. Although I still have a little headache sometimes, I have experienced God's wonderful and sufficient grace again and again by looking to Him through prayer. I have really tasted the Lord's grace and realized how sweet it is!

When I was 14 years old as a junior high school student, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to compose a "wish song" called "Believing in the Lord Jesus is Good". I dedicate my life to the Lord, to preach the gospel, and to testify about God.

I share my "wish song" as well as my own and my family's experience of grace with you, my family in the Lord, especially to those who are deeply touched by God's love and are willing to serve Him all their lives.

"May we always count on the Lord's grace and never forget the original intention to move forward forever towards the Lord's goal!

(The author of this article is the pastor of a church in southern China and the original article is published by Gospel Times.)

- Translated by Wylie Sun

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