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Liaoning Churches Reopen After One Month's Closure

Liaoning Churches Reopen After One Month's Closure

Pastor Zhang Yajun preached a sermon titled Pastor Zhang Yajun preached a sermon titled "Pull and hold" in Lingshan Church, Anshan, Liaoning, which resumed in-person service on November 20, 2022.
ByWu Zhongyi November 23, 2022
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After more than 30 days of fighting against the epidemic, churches in Anshan, China's northeastern Liaoning Province, finally resumed their Sunday services last weekend. 

Churches in Anshan City resumed on-site gatherings after the recent outbreak, which started on October 12, followed by a 6-day lockdown of the whole city.

Before churches reopened, online ministries were still carried out, including online evangelization, believers training, and psychological counseling, as well as Bible study and praise which helped believers overcome anxiety and solve some difficulties caused by COVID restrictions.

Various churches have gone through different preparations for epidemic prevention and resumed the meetings after the approval of the relevant departments. Permitted to reopen by the local authorities, churches notified the believers about reopening in advance through various channels. Some churches provided special epidemic prevention training for staff members as well.

Worshippers should provide a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test report, travel code, as well as “Liaoshitong” Health Code with temperature measurement. Believers were required to wear masks as required and keep a distance according to the arrangement.

On the day of the gathering, pastors welcomed believers at the main entrances of the churches and then preached sermons for the Lord.

Following these Sunday’s services, some churches will hold the Autumn Thanksgiving ceremony next Sunday, and others will restart various fellowship, believer training, Bible study, prayer, choir rehearsal, and other activities. The original gatherings and ministries of each church from Sunday to Saturday will gradually return to normal.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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