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Stream of Praise Releases 2022 Christmas Special Album

Stream of Praise Releases 2022 Christmas Special Album

The Stream of Praise Music Ministry held a live Christmas celebration service on the theme of The Stream of Praise Music Ministry held a live Christmas celebration service on the theme of "All for Love" in Irvine Canaan Christian Community Church, California, USA, on December 24, 2020,.(screem shot)
ByChristine Lau December 19, 2022
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In early December, the Stream of Praise Music Ministries (SOP) released a new Christmas single and Christmas special edition album.

The Christmas worship collection gathered eight Christmas songs, including a new Christmas single and a hymn Its All for Love sung by Stream of Praise Music Ministries in collaboration with Senior Pastor Abraham Liu of Taipei Revival Church.

“The birth of Jesus brings the perfect plan of salvation. As long as we trust in Him, we will all restore our heavenly identity!”  With the new Christmas album, the SOP hoped to bring unprecedented warmth to each person in this December. “Let us open the door of our hearts to accept the unconditional love of God since the creation of the world!”

Rev. Sandy Yu, the founder of the SOP, blessed believers in this album by saying “Thank you Heavenly Father for sending your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Because of His birth, there is hope in our hearts even in dark times. Wish each one is fulfilled with hope, joy, wellness, and the love of God during the busy Christmas. Bless you, all! I hope that our homes are full of hope and joy from God at this moment.”

The Christmas album collects 8 hymns, which are Lift Up The Name of Our King, The Most Precious Gift, All Honor To You, We Long to Meet, Holy Night, Glory in the Highest, Its All for Love, and Our Beloved King.

Glory in the Highest is a new Christmas single of SOP for this year, with lyrics that praise Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It quotes the angels and heavenly army’s words written by the Apostle Luke, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

In addition, the single Holy Night is an ancient Hymn sung in Acappella form. Invited to sing the hymn Its All for Love together, Rev. Liu invited listeners to make prayers to receive the peace in Jesus Christ.

It is reported the SOP releases a Christmas worship album every year.

- Translated by Guyu He

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