Saturday, December 9th, 2023
Article by:Mu Feng

Reform and Renewal - The Future Route of Church in Post-pandemic Era

I recently often hear many church staff put forward suggestions on reform, and they even set a reforming framework because the original church operation mode is no longer suitable for present challenges.Here I offer four reform suggestions for the church in the post-pandemic era.

Present Situation of Rural Churches in Eastern Henan Province

Rural churches are now facing many challenges - the lack of preachers, the aging of believers, and the young pastors who much prefer serving in cities to working in the countryside. In addition to the current era’s influence of development on the church, people's mentality is no longer what it used to be.

A Group of Special Believers: Rural Migrant Workers

As the Chinese New Year is coming, rural migrant workers have returned home one after another. For some people, the busyness of the year may only rest during the holidays. The lives of migrant workers are not comfortable. Of course, it's not easy in all walks of life, mainly because there is no diploma. They can only rely on hard work to earn money to support their families. They are worth our attention.
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