Thursday, December 7th, 2023
Article by:CCD contributor: Da Mo

Testimony of a Mother: God Made My Visit to Auckland a Trip of Grace

Sister Li Ying is just an ordinary believer in a church in Northeast China. In her twenty years of firm faith in God, she has held on to the above words and put forth an effort to pursue an understanding and taking in of the Word of God. She flew from Shenyang to Auckland at the end of 2019 to visit her daughter.

When Church Ordains Pastor, When can It Avoid Two Blemishes?

When we came to the topic of the Trinity, he gave a solemn look and kept waving his hands in the air. That look blended in harmony with the movement of his hands portrayed exactly the demeanor of a pastor – what an enjoyable lecture he gave! His demeanor had clearly been formed through his long-term dedication to delivering sermons. Unfortunately, he was not an ordained pastor yet.
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