Saturday, December 9th, 2023

Pastor Proposes Male Church Leadership

Pastor Z mentioned that, due to practical considerations, female Christians might have disadvantages in terms of energy and time compared to male ones in serving. If conditions allowed, the church still encouraged men to take on service roles.

Feature: Youth Ministry Makes Innovations to Attract Gen Z

An increasing number of young believers are leaving the church to seek opportunities elsewhere, including those who serve as church workers and theological students. However, some youth fellowships are exploring and experiencing success in receiving, shepherding, and calling young people.

Case Study: Focus on Pastoring the Elderly in 'Aging' Church

The theme study on "How to Age Gracefully" offered by the church is specifically for elderly volunteers aged 70 and above who still have the energy to serve. It aims to break them out of traditional lifestyle patterns and lead them to live a healthy, quality life centered around God's service.

Missional Church Expert: 'Cultural Ministry' Can Reflect the Gospel in Asian Context

"Asian churches today must reevaluate their understanding of culture. They should no longer be confined to the modern Western, white, male-dominated paradigm but rather recognize the characteristics of postmodernism and rejuvenate popular culture. It is equally important to explore Eastern perspectives in the postmodern era and manifest the essence of the gospel through Asian culture," urged a Korean missional church expert.
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