Saturday, December 9th, 2023

The Jakarta 2023 Conference: 'Christ Reigns Over All Nations'

The Jakarta 2023 Global Convention on Christian Faith was held in person in Jakarta, Indonesia, featuring the theme "The Eschatological Reign of Christ Over All Nations”. Stephen Tong and other world Christian leaders spoke at the convention.

WEA's Statement on the Holy Land Conflict

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) expresses deep distress over the Hamas attack on Israel and the resulting violence, calling for efforts to de-escalate the situation and work toward a just and lasting peace.

World Food Day 2023: Do, Lord, Remember Black Lives

Pan African peoples understand they are disproportionately affected by hunger and food insecurity. Historic inequities furthered by the wrath of racism, conflict, climate, and illnesses like COVID have further contributed to this.

What About the Children?

In the Nono district of Ethiopia's Oromia Regional State, a woman who survived ethnic violence and underwent trauma healing is now a volunteer helping other affected women, as a local church works on peacebuilding initiatives; however, concerns arise over children's exposure to violence and the need for support in addressing their trauma.