Pastor's Downfall: Money Is Satan's Most Conventional, Powerful Weapon

By Li ShiguangApril 4th, 2023

It has been said that there are three things in the world that are most likely to destroy a person: money, power, and sex.

This article portrays and documents the rise and fall of a female pastor in the church from the perspective of money.

Pastor Enya's mother believed in the Lord at a very early age. Under her mother's guidance, she came to the church and became a Christian. Enya was not just concerned with the needs of the church but saw one of the greatest shortages in the church at that time—a lack of pastors, especially those with a formal theological education. So she decided to study theology.

Just like that, Sister Enya graduated from the seminary and began full-time ministry in the church before being ordained as a pastor.

The majority of the people in the pastoral community are men. Pastor Enya caught the attention of a brother in the church. The pastor of the church felt that this brother was more committed to his faith and was willing to support Pastor Enya in the ministry. The two fell in love, got married, and had children.

Pastor Enya gave birth to two children, a son, and a daughter. In her case, she did not cross the money threshold.

It turned out that Pastor Enya, who had been working full-time in the church for a long time, received little monthly financial support, which was unstable; sometimes she received nothing at all. Her husband, who works in a factory, earns a small salary and has very little left after paying the rent. The small family that had been able to sustain itself began to suffer a financial crisis after the addition of two children successively.

Raising two children in this day and age can be quite expensive. It costs money to send the children to nursery school and buy meat, milk, eggs, and fruits. There are also medical appointments, medicines, clothes, and toys to buy.

It turned out that, in addition to working in the church, Pastor Enya also handled the finances of a small organization part-time due to the pressures of life. As there was no demarcation between the job of a cashier and the job of finance, it was all given to Pastor Enya to do.

Unbeknownst to anyone, she began to take money from the organization. After transferring the money to her account, she used the money to buy milk, beef, fish, prawns, clothes, toys, and so on for the children. The first few times, the money was probably taken and quickly returned; later on, the money was just taken and never returned. The misconduct of Pastor Enya continued for several years before it was discovered. An investigation revealed that over the course of several years, Pastor Enya had taken over 100,000 yuan.

Pastor Enya was not only unable to work part-time in the organization but also unable to continue serving in the church, and the church kicked her out. The bigger problem was that other churches were afraid or unwilling to invite her to serve. In the end, her family chose to leave the country and disappear from sight.

- Translated by Nonye Nancy

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