Guangdong CCC Charity Foundation and Local Church Aids poverty-stricken students

Poverty Aid ceremony
Poverty Aid ceremony
By Yang YiOctober 7th, 2015

Guangdong CCC charity Foundation and local church (named Shamian Church) held the Poverty Aid and Helping Students ceremony on Sep. 19.

Pastor Enling Lin, dean of Shamian Church, introduced the fundraising situation and expectation from the aid-receiving students. 

Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission of Guangdong Province, Guangdong CCC&TSPM and the Lechang government distributed the funds to the students.The Shamian Church reported that the church has aided poverty-stricken children in northwestern Guangdong Province and some pastoral children for over ten years. They did this in the Christian spirit "Love your neighbor as yourself". It gets much support and active donation from Christians these years. It has raised to RMB 125,000 for 25 aid-receiving students this year. It has collected over one million RMB and aided more than 300 students over 10 years.

To apply Jesus's teaching "It is more blessed to give than to receive"into practice, Guangdong CCC founded the Charity Foundation and planned to give charity activities in the fields of relieving disasters, assisting the poor and charitable aids.

Shunpeng Chen, the president of Guangdong CCC said that the foundation has a positive significance in standardizing the social service of Guangdong CCC and benefiting in the development of the charity plan and making it a standard and normal ministry. Meanwhile, in this new era, the government has higher requirement towards helping the poor. The foundation should learn modern management to catch up with the trend and demonstrate Christian service mission.

Translated By:  Luo Ting

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