Shanghai Church Changes Registration, Gathering Requirements

Shanghai Moore Memorial Church
Shanghai Moore Memorial Church
By Ai Mo January 18th, 2021

Shanghai Moore Memorial Church made adjustments in how it conducts the registration for its worship services, in accordance with the requirements given by the Shanghai government on January 10.

The announcement said the churchgoers should scan the code in the area of “Warm Tips” on the church's official WeChat account to make an appointment, replacing the in-person code scanning. In addition to showing a Shanghai Health QR Code and Green Travel History Code, the attendees need to scan the sign-in code to enter the sanctuary.

Elderly people at 65 years old or above without a smartphone or the knowledge to operate it can show their ID card to participate, signing a letter of commitment.

The church also asked the congregation members not to bring children to the worship service.

Established in 1887 by American Southern Methodist Episcopal Mission, the church was renamed Moore Memorial Church in honor of an American believer named J.M.Moore, who made a huge donation to the church. Listed as a cultural relics protection unit, it is open to hosting major national or Shanghai Christian conferences and ceremonies.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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