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Believer Witnesses Church Development, Shandong

Believer Witnesses Church Development, Shandong

Chengxi Church Chengxi Church(GospelTimes.cn)
ByCCD Contributor: Janet July 12, 2016
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The Chengxi Church - located in Hanting District, Weifang, Shandong - has more than 200 believers and 12 rooms from the original 20 senior believers with disability or in poor health who couldn't go to church that inspired its creation.

The statement below is what a believer witnessed as the church developed throughout the years:

In the summer of 2007, over 20 senior believers decided to gather despite their health conditions that disabled them to go to the church in the suburbs in order to observe the Sunday worship.

They read the Bible and gave testimonies together for there was no preacher that would moderate their discussions. They sang the familiar hymns without any piano or choir accompanying them. As they sat on campstools, they began the worship session in a shabby reception office measuring only 20 square meters.

The congregation grew slowly to over 70 from the previous 20 in the following three years. During this period, several members were selected to attend the local volunteer training program and served the church after their graduation.

As the church grew, problems started to appear and challenge the ministry.

The church was expanded many times, but the gathering place became a problem with the rising congregation since it could not hold too much expansion. The local government forbade construction of a new building arbitrarily and claimed that former expanded house is dangerous and no gathering was permitted since the structure may not hold on properly if the parishioners all entered at the same time.

Under the prayer of the believers, God used a sister to move the owner of the current church site, a non-believer and allow the church to build its new site there. He was willing to provide the church a few idle warehouses freely for their gatherings.

With this improvement, they moved to the larger bungalow from the small house they originally gathered.

God also put a faithful maidservant named Xiao Yilan (70) in the church to serve as a mentor or counselor for members. The members there call her "Aunt Xiao".

She witnessed Christ through her deeds.

Before each service, she opens the door early and cleans up the sanctuary up to the outside premises. Moreover, she brings in good food which she eats in usual days to the church. She also serves as the guest servant and a part of the maids of God on festivals.

Aside from these services, she calls some sisters to visit the believers who are currently ailing from sickness. With her Influence, the church kitchen is often fully stocked with vegetables and fruits thanks to anonymous donations. When winter approaches, bags of coal line on the walls but it's hardly known who buys them for the church.

Having faced with trials and hardships, the church has passed nine years. Recalling the history, the congregation feels grateful for all the blessings given to them by God. 

Like the woman caught in adultery in the Bible, it was humiliating, but she was brought to Jesus due to being caught.

The environment is the stepping-stone God puts deliberately for His children and you will be nearer to the Lord by stepping on it. The congregation said that God is their pastor even though there is no pastor,elder or magnificent church visible in their location.

About Chengxi Church: It has more than 200 believers with two choirs consisting of the one for the youth with over 40 members and the other for the seniors with over 30. It owns 12 rooms that can hold more than 300 people to attend services. 

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