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Offerings of Jiangsu Church Increase Despite Pandemic

Offerings of Jiangsu Church Increase Despite Pandemic

Nantong City One Church, Jiangsu Nantong City One Church, Jiangsu
ByJosiah Li May 20, 2021
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In Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, one church’s offerings increased, while many other churches’ decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shi Chengzhong, senior pastor of Nantong First City Church, said the reason for the increase in contributions was that they had done a good job in online pastoral care. Before the pandemic, the church did not hold virtual services. After the outbreak of COVID-19, they immediately learned from the young pastors of Jinsha Church in Nantong, who had opened an official WeChat account. They changed from in-person activities to online ones.

In order to let believers hear the voices of their pastors, the pastoral staff made many attempts. After determining what to share, they published the recorded and edited audio and video on the WeChat account, Pastor Shi added.

"Our pastors have moved from the front of the screen to behind the scenes. Some try to act as announcers or hosts to carry out online ministry using audio or video; some become writers to inscribe sermons in WeChat groups to shepherd believers", Pastor Shi said.

They launched online ministry through WeChat groups and the official WeChat account, on which they opened columns as necessary. Pastor Shi recorded the audio of praying and wrote down two-minute-long prayers on the theme of "Morning Prayer and Drizzle". Deputy Senior Pastor Zhang Peisheng was responsible for "Reform from the Heart" to resist heresies and cults. "Voice of Law" was a legal education program for "Civil Code". "Walk in Eden" was to share Sunday services.

Pastor Shi added that when church pastors took care of believers, they were willing to give tithes and offerings. In addition to supporting their own pastors, they also helped other pastors in grassroots churches, as their offerings increased due to online pastoral care.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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