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Shenzhen Church Opens Short Video Programs to Do Ministry Under Pandemic

Shenzhen Church Opens Short Video Programs to Do Ministry Under Pandemic

Rev. Huang Chuxian and a female believer of Pinghu Church in Shenzhen, Guangdong, recorded an episode titled Rev. Huang Chuxian and a female believer of Pinghu Church in Shenzhen, Guangdong, recorded an episode titled "How to Have Peace during COVID-19?" of the new short video program "Friends, I Want to Talk With You” in May, 2022.(Rev. Huang Chuxian/Pinghu Church)
BySu Ran June 10, 2022
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Recently, Shenzhen Pinghu Church opened a program themed “Friends, I Want to Talk With You” to care for believers and preach the gospel.

Pastor Huang Chuxian of Pinghu Church told the Gospel Times, an online Chinese Christian newspaper that this program was launched in March this year. "Because we find that due to the pandemic, many people need the encouragement and help from God’s word. Director Hu (of the church broad) suggested opening this program, and then we made this attempt. We wish to spread the gospel and save more souls through this program.”

The programs are presented in small videos. Each episode lasts about ten minutes long with a specific theme. Each video consisted of talking on the theme, hymns, and original dances. The content was not only suitable for believers to listen to, but also for non-believers, the church said.

At the end of the video, the church's phone number and email address are shown, through which people who are in need could contact.

Pastor Huang said, "As soon as the first episode was released, we received a phone call. A believer who had been lost for a long time called and gave feedback, saying that after listening to the sharing, he was touched and willing to repent and return to God's family. We have also received feedback from many seekers, who said that the content was easy to understand. The video was not too long and included stories and poems, and they really liked to watch the video.”

Until now, the program has issued 10 episodes. In the recording of the latest episode, a female believer surnamed He came to the recording site to talk about her confusion and doubts with Pastor Huang face to face. Because of the pandemic, she stayed at home all day in a bad mood. She used to get relief through Sunday service, but the church was also closed due to the official “double suspension” measures (which refers to suspending both the opening of places of worship and collective religious activities). Not able to go out to work, she felt more and more flustered and uneasy.

Regarding He's question, Pastor Huang prayed with her, blessing her in the prayer and leading her to trust God. Then, Huang asked her in detail about the situation when she was locked at home, exhorting her that "everyone will encounter different difficulties in their lifetime" and "we should believe that God is a God who bestows wisdom, with which people can overcome the difficulties they encounter". Huang guided her to view the situation she has experienced properly.

"How can we maintain inner peace?" Sister He asked. The pastor replied that she needed to come to God, just like she would have peace after attending a service.

In the end, Huang urged her to think positively. Not being able to go out to work was short-lived, and she did not lack food or clothing and still had a comfortable home to live in. "We should be grateful for we are alive."

After the recording of 10 episodes, Pastor Huang has become familiar and accustomed to the whole process. Grateful to the serving team behind her, she said that with their help, this program was carried out smoothly. She urged more people to pray for this ministry. "We have many shortcomings, and please point them out with prayers."

- Translated by Katherine Guo

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