Thursday, December 7th, 2023
Article by:Zhang Yao

Church in East China Inspires Elderly Believers to Participate in Ministries

In a church in eastern China, the elderly members who join ministries outnumber the younger generation. It claims, "If the church can systematically plan senior believers' training programs, it will continuously attract human resources in ministries unprecedentedly. With such fresh human resources, the church can expand old ministries and develop new ones."

Shanxi Church Holds Online Interview for Helping the Disabled

The third Sunday of May every year is the National Day for Helping the Disabled. On May 12, the Christian Church of Yaodu District in Linfen, Shanxi Province, invited three fellow workers of the Disabled Fellowship for an online interview with the theme of Join Hands for the Spiritual Journey.

My Mother's Disease Curing Experience Also Heals My Heart

This is a middle-aged brother's record of his mother's healing experience and personal journey. Moved by his mother's joy and simple faith in the Lord, a brother was also more deeply aware of the grace and blessings that come from God in the suffering.

Case Study: Small Group Leaders' Requirements Under Church Lockdown

As group gatherings have become normal under the epidemic in recent years, the qualities of group leaders become a concern of many believers. A group leader who has studied theology and is spiritually mature can help the lay believers break through the bottleneck in faith; otherwise, he may cause him to stumble.
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