Saturday, December 9th, 2023

Faith Story of a Businessman

Beihua, originally from southern China, found faith in the North, which transformed his life, leading him to repent of past sins. He reflected on God's mercy during car accidents and the joy of his involvement in church service.

Pastors Stress the Importance of Family Ministry in Church

While believers feel graceful in the church, their home life can be vastly different. The separation of beliefs and lives is evident, prompting the need for a more integrated approach where believers receive love and grace in the church and reciprocate at home.

Preaching the Gospel, Now or Never

Through the stories heard and the younger brother's experience, the author addresses the importance of seizing the moment when preaching the gospel.

Interview: Three Crises Facing Chinese Church and Solutions

Pastor Zhang believed that the Church in China was currently facing a developmental bottleneck, identifying three reasons for this: the crisis of the congregation, church workers, and the church. He suggested that the solution lied in pastors continuing to look to Jesus in challenging circumstances, rediscovering their initial purpose, and setting an example.

Grassroots Church Revives Through Bible Reading After COVID-19

In the WeChat group of N Church, the Bible reading relay activity lasts from morning till night, seven days a week. This church has been maintaining this activity for well over half a year, and it continues to attract an increasing number of believers to participate.
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