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Testimony of a Woman Pastor Once Diagnosed With Skin Disease

Testimony of a Woman Pastor Once Diagnosed With Skin Disease

One girl covered her face with her hands. One girl covered her face with her hands.
ByChen Lei June 01, 2021
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Sister A is a church teacher. In her early 50s, she looks much younger than she actually is. Despite her charming beauty, she has never been in a relationship or marriage. Ever since she graduated from a seminary seven years ago, she has been serving full-time in the church.

A was born into a family of nine, and her father had changed careers from athletics to government work. Taking after her father, she was the local sprinting champion, already very attractive at a young age. She also excelled in her studies and served as a class monitor. At that time, she was widely admired. But everything changed when she was 13 years old. That year, she had an illness, growing a small handful of white hair overnight, after which it gradually spread. The hospital diagnosed her with vitiligo. After such an encounter at a young age, she began to feel inferior and became introverted. She chose to encapsulate herself as if she could enter another safe world.

She did not go into specifics about how she got through that stage, but only said, "God opposes the proud, but in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” Unfortunately, it was 20 years later when she understood this statement.

The government usually assigns jobs to college graduates, but due to her condition, she was replaced. She didn't pursue the matter any further because she was used to the injustice of the world.

During that time, she came into contact with Christianity together with her parents. The first prayer she made was to ask God to make her face and hands white in 10 years so that she would look like a fair-skinned person to others. God had mercy on her, and just over two years, not only her face and hands, but almost her whole body became white, so much so that the doctors were amazed. This was the first miracle she experienced.

At that time, the local church deacon asked her to consider full-time service to God, the church brethren were also moved to urge her, but she declined.

When her father died more than ten years later, she blamed herself for not fulfilling her filial duties and was in a period of discouragement at work. Satan took this opportunity to attack her inwardly with depression. She was no longer strong and stubborn, hence she fell down before God in prayer, and God answered her. At that time, the church sponsored the tuition required to send a believer to the seminary to serve the church in the future. After the congregation prayed, it was still her, and this time she was obedient and her life began anew.

She was very beautiful and must have been pursued by some men when she was young, but she remains single. She said that beauty was originally a blessing from God, but it just became the source of her pride when she was a teenager, and the source of her inferiority complex when she was middle-aged.

"It is a common thing for people to turn the blessings of God into their own snares when they do not know God. Skipping marriage is not a big deal, not everyone is required to marry. In my case, I consider it as God's will," she added.

- Translated by Wylie Sun

  • 34
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