Saturday, December 9th, 2023

Pastor Proposes Male Church Leadership

Pastor Z mentioned that, due to practical considerations, female Christians might have disadvantages in terms of energy and time compared to male ones in serving. If conditions allowed, the church still encouraged men to take on service roles.

Faith Story of a Businessman

Beihua, originally from southern China, found faith in the North, which transformed his life, leading him to repent of past sins. He reflected on God's mercy during car accidents and the joy of his involvement in church service.

Pastors Stress the Importance of Family Ministry in Church

While believers feel graceful in the church, their home life can be vastly different. The separation of beliefs and lives is evident, prompting the need for a more integrated approach where believers receive love and grace in the church and reciprocate at home.

Roundtable: How to Avoid Hollow Faith?

In the post-pandemic era, the phenomenon of a "hollow" faith has raised concern in the pastoral work. Five Christians and pastors share their insights into this issue.

In Search of Century-old Church in Shaanxi

This article delves into the history of Dongguan Church in Sanyuan, Shaanxi, tracing its century-long legacy, the influential figure of Pastor Zhang Guanru, and its transition.

Impression of Litang Church in Guangxi

After finishing the video for Pastor Paul Liang, a centenarian preacher in Guangxi, I came from Nanning to Binyang County to visit Litang Church. According to historical records, the gospel was introduced to Binyang County in 1917, which was 106 years ago.