China Shuts Down Even More Christian WeChat Accounts, Mostly Christian Publishing Ministries

The Bible and a cellphone are placed on a desk.
The Bible and a cellphone are placed on a desk. (photo:
By Anthony LeeJune 8th, 2021

A new batch of Christian WeChat accounts were shut down in the ongoing clampdown on Christianity within cyberspace that was launched since late April.

On June 7, some Christian public accounts on WeChat, mostly pertaining to Christian books and publishing, were banned.

Removed Christian publishing accounts include “Oak Tree Writing Studio”, “Light & Salt Reading”, “Beijing Green Olive Books Culture”, “Campus Culture”, “Perfect Page Bookstore”, and “New Renewal Culture”.

“Faith Weekly”, a national Catholic newspaper in mainland China, is no longer available on WeChat.

The Chinese WeChat page of “9 Marks”, aiming to equip church leaders with biblical resources, suffered the same fate.

On April 29, several popular Christian WeChat accounts with “Bible” or “gospel” related titles were closed down.

Any search for keywords including “Christ (jidu in Chinese)”, “gospel”, and “fellowship” fails to get any Christianity-related public accounts. Those keywords seem to be blocked on WeChat.

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