Sunday, April 14th, 2024

An Easter Prayer

A touching Easter Prayer from a devoted Christian who is a writer and a Poet

3 Tips for Preparing for Sunday Service

We need to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit rather than on our ability to understand sermons. It is necessary to prepare the heart to seek spiritual growth through every service.

How to Win Over an Non-Christian Husband?

We can see a common phenomenon in the church in China, that is, there are many female believers and few male ones. One of the problems revealed by this phenomenon is that many married female believers have unbelieving husbands. They all face the same problem and need: how to lead their husbands to Christ. Here are some practical suggestions.

Ten Bible Verses to Receive Hope from God

God, the holy one who sits on the throne, hears our cries, and looks after our situation, may not perform miracles in our lives, but his promises and answers have been written in the Bible.

Ten Bible Verses About God's Love

Once we are stuck in our weaknesses, Satan attacks us through lies: it seems our God is very far away from us and he does not really love us. Thus, we need to read the Bible to be convinced of his love. Here are ten Bible verses about God's love for meditation.

Ten Bible Verses to Help You Wisely Make Friends

Christians need the right values for friendship. Good friends should be people who can give us care, ears, and encouragement in both good and bad times. We ourselves should also be other people’s loyal friends.

Lord, I am Coming to You with Frozen Candle Tears and Ether Advent Music

I have come across a few heartbreaking images on this advent like this one titled the FIFTH ADVENT. Even this designation is bust-cutting, the sight is almost breathtaking. Fifth Advent? The further I look at this strange Advent greeting, the more I feel the frozen black wax streaks slowly and irresistibly seep into my heart.
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