Monday, July 15th, 2024

Young Pastor Remembers Wenzhou Elder

A young pastor surnamed Zhou shares three impressive stories of receiving guidance and help from the deceased Elder Zheng Datong during his twenty-plus years of ministry.

Rev. Vitaly Vlasenko, General Secretary of Russian Evangelical Alliance: 'We Expect Mutual Christian Relationship With China'

Having visited Chinese Christian leaders, churches, and organizations during his trip to China, Vitaly Vlasenko, general secretary of the Russian Evangelical Alliance, shared his insights about China here and introduced the evangelical situation in Russia, expressing his strong interest in building a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with the Chinese Christian community.

Pastor Shares Unforgettable Journey to Studying Theology

Planning to study theology for weekly church gatherings were no longer sufficient to satisfy his deeper quest for understanding, Pastor Cai made money to cover all the expenses despite his family's opposition, but a family emergency depleted all his savings.
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