Sunday, April 14th, 2024

Uncertainty About Future Leads People to Rural Mystery Religions

In recent years, the poor economic situation has affected the rural economy and income, particularly inpacting families burdened with debt due to marriage. The economic uncertainty intensifies their desire for certainty, contributing to the resurge of mysterious folk religions in rural areas.

My Favorite Book

A Christian child began English lessons with a non-Christian college student, and her parent encouraged her to approach essay topics from a biblical perspective. The parent explains why the Bible is the entire universe for true Christians in response to the student's inquiry.

With the Spiritual Lyre of Thousands of Years, We Call You, Holy Spirit of God

Pentecost is described as a mysterious and transcendent holiday that symbolizes the Holy Trinity and the presence of the Spirit of God, inviting people to tune their souls to the hymn of God, while emphasizing the importance of deep silence and attuning to the divine voice for spiritual purification and preparation for Pentecost.

Reflections on How Christianity Can Help China to Flourish

The Chinese government official was telling me about how he had experienced changes during his career in the government’s policies dealing with religious groups. When he was first studying for government service, he said, the party line was that religion was a bad thing, and the ultimate goal was to banish it from Chinese culture.
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