Wednesday, July 17th, 2024

I Manage to Escape From ‘Perfect’ Father at 18

This sad story of a pastor's daughter shows us the common tactics of leader bullying—excessive criticism, making a big deal out of minor issues, manipulating others, and arbitrary interpretation... Anything and anyone that hinders their acquisition and exercise of power, no matter how insignificant, must be dealt with severely.

The Good Samaritan of Our Time

I have known Brother Wei Pu for seven years, who is known for his deeds of helping others. We used to serve in the same church, and now I want to share his stories.

Fan Pu, a Christian Paper-cutting Artist

Having produced thousands of Christian paper-cut works based on the Bible, the 77-year-old Mrs. Fan Pu firmly believes that she can complete the Book of Revelation series with a sense of mission.
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