New Book on The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal Published in China

The cover of the new book on "The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal"
The cover of the new book on "The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal" (photo:
By Li ShiguangOctober 12th, 2021

Xue Weihua’s new book The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal: From A Sinology Journal Research Perspective was published by China Social Sciences Press in April 2021. Made up of four chapters, the book discusses the publishing network, sinology themes, editorial boards, and communication discourses of the journal, supported by case studies.

Looking into The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal (or “The Chinese Recorder”) as a sinology journal, this Chinese book sheds light on the history of the Chinese Recorder and unfolds the communication network of modern Sinology knowledge. Through analyzing the journal’s texts and data, the book explains the communication subjects, themes, and discourses in the evolution process of Sinology traditions and demonstrates the journal’s unique contribution and value in sinology research.

Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal was a leading English outlet in China, published from 1868 to 1941 until it was closed by the Japanese authorities upon the breakout of the Pacific War. The Chinese Recorder was established to be a platform for missionaries to exchange news, improve their knowledge of Chinese culture, and promote the mission work. Thanks to its detailed reports, rich illustrations, and photos as well as accurate statistical data, it used to serve as an important window for the West to know China, as well as an indispensable text today for studying China’s modern history.

Xue Weihua holds a Ph.D. degree from the International Institute of Chinese Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University and is a researcher at the International Chinese Culture Studies Collaborative Innovation Center. His research interest lies in comparative literature, overseas sinology, and cross-culture communication.

- Translated by Grace Song

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