Two Churches Reopen in Early December

 Yaodu District Church in Linfen, Shanxi
1/2 Yaodu District Church in Linfen, Shanxi
Beijing Chongwenmen Church
2/2Beijing Chongwenmen Church
By Zhang MengyueDecember 7th, 2021

Two churches in Beijing and Shanxi resumed in-person services on December 5.

On its official WeChat account on December 2, Yaodu District Church in Linfen, Shanxi, announced the continuation of its face-to-face gatherings from December 5, when a baptism and communion service and a thanksgiving service was held for the reopening. Believers were reminded to get admission passes during the following two days. 

The next day, Beijing Chongwenmen Church released an announcement, stating that it would restart five services on the coming Sunday with the timing unchanged and that churchgoers should book their places via WeChat with their real names.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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